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Welcome Hot Rodders and Power Addicts!
Welcome Hot Rodders and Power Addicts!

"That's Bad Ass!" It's the first thing people say when they see the cars and engines we build, and that's exactly how we got our name.

Bad Ass: Slang / Adjective;
1) Of formidable strength or skill. 2) Distinctively tough or powerful; so exceptional as to be intimidating. 3) Very good, excellent, cool, awesome. 4) The best of. 5) Having extremely favorable qualities. 6) Pertaining to a person or thing that is rugged, strong, and/or ready to show these qualities.
Like the cars, trucks, boats and engines we build!

KNOWLEDGE IS HORSEPOWER! We have the knowledge, expertise & skill to get YOU the power & performance you're looking for!

Since 1979, our specialty at Bad Ass Cars has been building bad to the bone performance and race engines, and restoring, customizing, servicing & upgrading mid 70's and earlier American cars, trucks, boats, and hot rods. From bone stock classics, to wild street & off road vehicles, to all out race cars. Every vehicle and engine we've worked on, we made better, faster, stronger, safer, and more reliable. Every job was done right, with the highest quality and care! To see a photo gallery of some of the vehicles we've built & worked-on, click here.

Please note: Arron retired in early 2017 and the shop is closed, but the site remains up for your enjoyment, and so you have access to all of the free tech info Arron wrote in the Tech Tips section. 

Please watch the video clip below to see what we build here at
Bad Ass Cars!

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To see pictures of cars & engines we've built, be sure to check out our Photo Gallery by clicking HERE.


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If you want to learn how to build your OWN engine, or how to rebuild and tune a carburetor, how to set your engine up for a supercharger or nitrous oxide, how to degree a cam, port heads and intake manifolds, and much, MUCH more, be sure to check out our line of highly detailed "how-to" videos by clicking HERE

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A hot rod ain't a hot rod without a bad ass engine in it! 



Bad Ass Cars is closed and Arron has retired, but enjoy the cool cars and engines, and take-in the free tech info to help get your car performing as good as it should. 

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